The New User Orientation Area is a place where you become familiar with online training. Included is an overview of the Fluke Training environment and a short tutorial to make your time on line more efficient.

Note: You must have pop-up blockers disabled to view these courses!

Begin Orientation
The course uses basic browser functions. For example, minimized windows can be opened by CLICKING their associated buttons on the bar at the bottom of the screen. The course has built-in navigation, in the form of menu buttons, and specific links. The menu buttons at the left side of the screen are always visible and active, and take you to the named section of the course.

The BACK and NEXT buttons generally take you back one screen and forward one screen, respectively. In a few instances these buttons perform special navigation functions that should be clear from the context.

You do not have to use your allotted time at one sitting. Your online time is metered, and you may log off and return at your convenience.

You may move about from chapter to chapter at your discretion. Some courses have a PRE-TEST to establish your baseline skill level. Take it first. Then complete the lesson. There are numerous question challenges that are presented throughout the course. These are not scored.

After completing the course, take the POST-TEST. Upon completion you will have a chance to review and will be given the correct answers. Your score will be displayed. At this point you should have your supervisor witness your score. If a passing score is achieved, you will want to print the certificate.

If you experience difficulty with the program or need further explanation,please contact us by email to training@flukecal.com

Now you are ready to select the course and begin your training.