Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I expect the training course to take?

  • Introduction to Measurement and Calibration...2-4 hours
  • Precision Electrical Measurement...6 hours
  • Measurement Uncertainty...6-8 hours
  • AC/DC Metrology...6 hours
  • These are the average number of hours and may vary based on the skill and experience level of the student. For example, some students say they spent 15 hours on the Measurement Uncertainty course.

    Which class do I take first, second, etc.?
    Other than the Introduction class being the first, there is no particular order. The Measurement Uncertainty class is more of a stand-alone class, and the Precision Electrical course is probably slightly easier than the AC/DC Metrology course.

    How do I select a start date?
    Anticipate when you will have a block of 60 calendar days to complete the course. Allow a minimum of two business days for processing. If you are unable to complete the course during the contract timeframe, please to request an extension

    What time will I be able to start the session?
    The start time will generally begin at 8:00 am PST on the start date. If you require an earlier start time, please indicate so in the comments field on the registration form.

    What internet browser do I need to run the program?
    To access all of the features of the online classroom, you need Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 (or higher) as your regular browser. The standard AOL browser does not support Java or Java script.

    Who do I contact if I have trouble while going through the course?
    Contact Fluke Calibration Training via email